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"Gaia" is the goddess personified as Mother Earth. She is the life energy that nourishes and integrates all living beings.

We believe that at the core of human happiness and wellbeing is an innate desire for more meaningful connections. Gaia Villa was designed to serve as an intimate healing space for our guests to connect with oneself, each other, and nature's medicinal energy. 


Hi, I'm May, owner of Gaia Villa and also the founder of re:YOGA Therapy, an LA-based yoga therapy and wellness provider. Some may say I'm a bit obsessed with holistic wellness but it perfectly led me to Gaia Villa.


My first love and career was in real estate development. In hindsight, it made sense as it likely had to do with my challenged upbringing and family life. Being born on a refugee camp and constantly moving, I rarely felt at home or at peace. The stressful real estate industry led me to pursue wellness where I studied and taught yoga abroad for 2 years. During my extensive travels over the decades, I envisioned creating a retreat space where I can combine my love of homestead, travel, and wellness. The intention is to offer a refuge where people can tune IN rather than just tune out. In 2019, Gaia Villa was born, and interestingly just in time to experience some major world crises. 


I'm so blessed that my loved ones have been so supportive of this unique journey in the creation of Gaia Villa Retreats. I invite you to be our guest. Share your story and co-create with us! 






Meet Brianna, our Marketing Manager extraordinaire! With a 500-hour yoga certification, she's not only well-versed in the art of human connection but has also led retreats and yoga teacher trainings worldwide. Her love for travel and passion for bringing people together shine through in everything she does.

“I find joy in shaping and sharing the stories that capture our transformative retreat experiences. It's not just about promoting a destination; it's about curating moments of serenity, connection, and transformative wellness. Every endeavor is an opportunity to invite others into the embrace of Gaia Villa's unique blend of nature, nurture, and rejuvenation."


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We are so grateful to have Kim as our onsite property manager! She brings invaluable experience to our team with 12 years in concierge services, 10 years in the ER, 5 years in restaurant management, and a local connection having been born and raised in Palm Springs and having spent the last 5 years in Joshua Tree. But most importantly, she offers a loving, nurturing experience for our guests, meticulously taking care of details small and large and always ready to offer a helping hand before and during your stay.

“What I love about working at Gaia Villa is that I get to be a part of changing people's lives in a small way. Gaia Villa has purpose and it wraps its arms around the guests and provides a safe space to help in their journey and I get to take part in that. It is really life changing.”


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Flagstone Walkway


There are stories around every corner of the house and land. It was a year in the making and so much love and energy went into personally curating each room and a lot of the amenities you will enjoy on-site -- from pruning the 100 year old juniper trees to installing the natural flagstone walkway. 


It has been an exceptionally beautiful learning experience, especially being humbled by Mother Earth herself and befriending wildlife creatures. I hope you get to meet them! 


Our Guests' Experience

This home / retreat center exceeds every expectation. The hosts are extremely accommodating & the space is so comfortable. If you’re looking for a family getaway or holistic retreat, this space is perfect. We will most definitely be booking again!

~ Marissa

This home is utterly magical! Our family (ages 4-75) all found so much to enjoy about the villa; the hot tub, the outdoor fire pit where we enjoyed several nights of stargazing and s’mores making, the yoga studio where we led the kids through some impromptu yoga sessions, the wonderful dining table that could seat our entire family, etc. etc. I could go on and on...but you must simply just rent this place.

Everything about this house is AMAZING! By far, one of the most beautiful and thought-out Airbnbs I’ve ever stayed at. From the seamless check-in, to the beautiful design and decor, this home offered everything we could have dreamed of.

~ Grace

~ Taylor

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