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Joshua Tree / Yucca Valley

The Joshua Tree area of the Southern California High Desert region is know for its energetically charged vibe, especially for yoga practitioners and spiritual seekers. The area is a growingly popular wellness destination for a variety of retreats with so much more to nourish you from the inside-out.


The unique area draws international visitors and nature lovers, largely due its vast protected national park that's characterized by rugged boulder formations, cactuses, wildlife, and the iconic twisted, spiky Joshua trees, that resiliently flourish.  You can spend the day hiking, picnicking, and just taking in the stunning landscape. As the evening settles in enjoy breathtaking sunsets and brilliantly shining stars.

We are just 15 minutes from the majestic Joshua Tree National Park entrance and within 30-45 minutes from the Low Desert’s Coachella Valley (including the famous cities of Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta, and Coachella). 

Neighborhood & Climate

Gaia Villa is located in the upscale residential area of Upper Sky Harbor in the High Desert town of Yucca Valley. Enjoy the quiet and peaceful ambiance of the neighborhood with mesmerizing desert views and fauna. Black Rock Campground with hiking trails is only 5 minutes away. Our guests will also appreciate the convenience of major grocery stores, shops, and restaurants within a quick 10 minute drive.


Yucca Valley welcomes visitors year-round, with more moderate desert temperatures typically ranging from average lows of 34°F (1°C) in the winter months to 95°F (35°C) in the summer months. Below are the average lows and highs for the town of Yucca Valley.



January: 35 - 60°F  |  1 - 15°C

February: 37 - 62°F  |  2 - 16°C

March: 40 - 68°F  |  4 - 20°C

April: 45 - 74°F  |  7 - 23°C

May: 51 - 82°F   |  10 - 27°C

June: 60 - 92°F  |  15 - 33°C

July: 68 - 96°F  |  20 - 36°C

August: 67 - 96°F  |  19 - 36°C

September: 60 - 90°F  |  15 - 32°C

October: 49 - 79°F  |  9 - 26°C

November: 39 - 67°F  |  3 - 19°C

December: 34 - 58°F  | 1 - 14°C

Note: Due to the home's higher elevation, climate at the villa is typically 2-4°F cooler than listed above.
The town of Joshua Tree is typically 2-4°F warmer.

Exterior Home

Local Attractions

Joshua Tree National Park -- The world-famous national park is known for its unique and endangered Joshua Trees, rugged rock formations and vast desert landscape, and is the spot to go for hiking, rock climbing, or simply taking in the views.

Rock Climbing -- With over 8,000 climbing routes and 2,000 spots for bouldering, Joshua Tree National Park is the ultimate spot for climbers.

Hiking -- From beginner trails to expert hiking trails, Joshua Tree National Park has something for everyone looking to explore the area’s unique desert views and ecosystem.  

Pioneertown -- Built in 1946 as a “living breathing movie set”, Pioneer Town welcomes visitors to step back into the frontier days of the Old West. Along the short drive, enjoy breathtaking views of boulders formations.

The Integratron -- A  landmark one-of-a-kind wood dome used for sound baths, and a popular spot for visitors looking for a unique wellness experience. 

Local Events

Many artists and musicians flock to the area of Joshua Tree to soak up the spiritual vibe and get in-tune with their creative side. Today, many festivals and events take place that keep the creative spirit alive and attracts international visitors.


Joshua Tree Music Festival (May + October)

Timelapse Film Festival (August)

Night Sky Festival (September)

Desert Daze Music Festival (October)

Coachella Music Festival (April)

Joshua Tree Local Shops
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